My First Airbnb was a Gem

Sharing this gem of a find even tho the host probably doesn’t need it;)

I guess it’s a no brainer to book an Airbnb accomodation based on the reviews. However I wanted a quiet nice place that is far from the maddening crowd yet easily accessible. Plus I was going to be staying for more than a week hence the price has got to be very budget friendly. (also since the savings could well be channelled for that essential Shopping!;) My search led me to Oom’s place at Phahonyothin and I was almost immediately sold by all that is being said about it. Yet, it turned out to be even better!

Getting there
If you arrive at Don Meuang Airport, getting to the property is a breeze as it’s less than 20min by the A1 Airport shuttle bus. The host gives specific directions which you just need to follow.

The Apartment
After settling my local datacard at a Central Plaza, I finally arrived at the apartment block to pick up the keys at around 8pm. Being a proud homeowner myself, cleanliness is my no. 1 concern and I was so pleased to step in to a spacious, squeaky clean environment.

The apartment is nestled at one end along the busy street of Phahon Yothin. Hence it has all the convenience from the shops along the street yet away from the noise. The property itself has all the amenities you need and is guarded round the clock. There is a minimart right downstairs mend by a friendly and helpful storeowner. There is an eatery right next block as well as laundromat, however, I never need to use it as there is washing machine in the apartment.

The neighborhood is quiet, and I had the best quality sleep I haven’t had in a long while. As this was part work trip, I needed good, fast reliable internet, and had no problems at all. When there was a slight disruption, the host was quick to resolve it for me. She is always available online as claimed!

Getting Around
The nearest MRT Station – Phahonyothin, is just a 15min walk away. This can take a toll if you are staying longer however, it is only 1 station from Chatuchak MRT station where you are then connected to the BTS and pretty much everywhere else along the entire train network.

The Neighbourhood
As an airbnb stay is really for you to experience the local way of life, the neighborhood is important and it’s easy to love the neighborhood of Phahon Yothin. There are 3 shopping malls that are literally within minutes walking distance from each other and provides everything and anything you need really.

  • Central Plaza Lat Phrao : This shopping mall consists of hundreds of brand name retail shops, banks, restaurants, movie theaters, and supermarket. Much like our Bugis. It is also a popular meeting point for students, office workers, and local residents in the area. It is linked by a subway to the MRT station exit 4 and connected to the other big mall, Union Mall, by a linkbridge.
    Tip #1: Adjorn to the Central Plaza is a small side mall packed full of small units of shops selling beauty and fashion products at cheap price. Much like Far East Plaza.
  • Tip #2: The street right outside the Plaza comes alive with the a nite market and many stalls selling anything from snacks, street food, fashion to mobile accessories and electronics.
  • Union Mall : The largest fashion shopping mall in the area, offering hundreds shops of wearing apparel and fashion accessories. Prices here are actually cheaper than Pathumwan market. Union Mall is also connected to the MRT station.
  • Tesco Lotus Supercenter : Yes, the Malaysian Superstore is located right here in Phahon Yothin, Bangkok. You can find the usual wide range of daily use items at cheap price on level 2. Level 1 consists of mainly Food outlets and restaurants like Fuji Japanese Restaurant and Seefah and Mr D.I.Y, a home fixture and household goods store occupies the entire level 3.

In addition, there are other small eateries and coffeshops around the neighbourhood. There is a nice little restaurant right next to the 7-11 store located just outside the Condo along Phahon Yothin street, Juniors, if I remember correctly, that serves authentic local dishes, very ‘homemade’ taste and at local price ie. yes you can get authentic, yummy Somtam and pineapple fried rice served with side dishes at less than $5!!

Hence, within the neighbourhood itself, you’d be spoilt for food choices! Head on to the other section to see #whati8inBkk and the recommended outlets and food I had in this neighborhood.

On days when I don’t feel like getting out in the scotching weather, or just want to sleep in, I can even prep my own simple brekkie. Check out my instagram for more.

Take a dip in the inviting pool? Anytime!

Overall, it has been a great experience staying at Oom’s place. Truly a home away from home and I highly recommend it to business travellers, family or anyone staying for a week or more.

Tip #3: Local data/Sim Card
Do not get it at the Airport. It will cost you at least 20-30% more. There are basically three providers. I highly recommend AIS, truly value for money.


Birthday@The Boiler

Apart from our loved ones, having close friends celebrate one’s birthday is one of life’s most treasured event. Every year, our group of seven, celebrate each others’ birthday with much aplomb in terms of a good meal. Yes, this means we get to dine and celebrate once almost every month! The birthday girl gets to select the meal and venue and will return the treat with coffee and dessert. Most of us have been friends since our secondary school days and still counting! Cesebon!

This year, I decided to celebrate mine at The Boiler last month, as it met both my requirements – nearby and seafood. I was also quite sold after reading the review by Clara (explodingbelly). And here’s what I discovered:

Ambience  – indeed a hipster outlet set amidst an industrial site. Bright, spacious, their chic black and white industrial themed interior blends in well with the area. It was also nice that for a Saturday afternoon, it was not too crowded. The last thing you need when having a celebration is another rowdy group celebrating?!;) Not that we are rowdy..!;)

Location: if you follow directions from explodingbelly and take exit B from Tai Seng MRT, you will find yourself in the middle of nowhere. Because it is nestled amongst the different buildings with no distinct landmark, one wrong turn and you can easily end up on a different road/path, even though it is only 5 mins from Tai Seng MRT. Better to have their number handy. (I was ‘found’ by my friends!;) Perhaps they are counting on repeat customers but for first-timers, good directional signage helps!

Now, the most important part: The Food
Here’s what we ordered:

This is good for starters. The chicken wing is well done, crunchy on the outside, yet moist and tender on the inside. Everything is yummilicious with the dipping sauce!

Sample (1)
The Sampler

We didn’t go for the lobster or crab since we wanted a few mains to share. This bag of seafood was as reviewed – fresh and delicious! Especially the mussels and prawn. But the surprise was the sausage – salty, meaty, yum. This Boiler’s Duo Bag ($49++) got some of us getting some Beer early in the day just for the pairing! Cesebon!


They now have a selection of three types of sauces but its hard to go wrong with garlic butter so we went for the safe bet.

The portion may be alot for two persons but as one of the main course for a group, I wish it could’ve been a bigger bag tbh. Perhaps they go by weight and not no. of heads.

For Seafood lovers!

This Fish n Chips was disappointing! Too dry, too much batter. They need to get the proportion of the batter and fish right.


We also ordered a spicy Pasta dish which was greasy and too spicy for some of my friends.

Cesebon says: Not as good as reviewed. Inconsistent food quality. Still, at prices one-third of what you’ll be charged at East Coast and/Jumbo, this is a good option for seafood lovers or even that occasional craving, in a relaxing, cozy setting, right in the neighborhood!

Overall it was a good dinning experience and celebration, with the ambience, friendly staff service and novelty of it all. As one of us said, “the last time we ate with a bib was when we were a baby?!”

If not at all, go for the finger lickin’ fun!

Meat with your greens

Whenever I crave for western food, it is not so much the meat that I crave. I want equal parts meat and veggie. And that itself is hard to find.

I mean, I get it, it is ‘Western’ and meat is ‘main course’ with veggie as ‘sides’. If you want more veggies, order a, where does that leave those of us who just gravitate towards a more balanced diet and wish for a ‘balanced main course’? Or am I the only weirdo with this impractical craving for western food?

Well, there is hope yet as this picture shows up in my search in burpple. Almost without hesitation, I headed for 吃Western at 206 Coffeeshop, Lorong 1 Toa Payoh. At first glance, the skeptic in me thought for a moment that the review might be overrated looking at the unassuming humble stall. Well, they turn out to be a hidden gem! Thank you @imakansg for sharing this gem. Here’s the same pic I took, love the presentation of the smoked duck in the centre:


This is the real deal guys! The right combination of fresh greens and fruit toppings. So good it’s a meal on its own! Although I ‘d have loved a bit more of the ‘oriental sesame dressing’ for full flavour.

At $5,80, it is a steal. With fresh quality and the presentation, I too can imagine it costing double or even triple in other outlets or high end restaurant given some marketing and fancy names like ‘le’ duck de salade’?:)

Cesebon says: Cesebon! This is da bomb!. Will be back to try their other interesting offerings.

Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore

In our pursuit for progress and development, it must be said that much has been achieved and developed. However, perhaps to a point where we also need to ask, at what costs and perhaps more importantly, what has been sacrificed and is it worth it? Happy 52nd birthday Singapore. Just like watching how a child blossoms to become a well-developed adult, at some point, I can’t help but miss the child that was. #tbt #thosewerethedays #nostalgia #lifeisgood #cesebonProcessed with Rookie CamPS : no prizes for guessing where this photo was taken;)