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Five years. That’s how long it has been since I last visited Bangkok on a business trip. This time however, it was more for leisure and boy was I in for some shocking developments, new attractions and more and more crowds! The city has become ever more cosmopolitan with mega malls, grand interiors and swanky architecture. Correspondingly its food options.

In with the new, out with the old. That means a lot less roadside stalls, exciting late night sights and sounds along the streets, even just that sense of food adventure. (The night markets are a different story altogether!).

Fortunately Bangkok is a big city and there are still pockets of areas where development has not yet rear its monster head. In my previous post I was happy to have discovered the neighbourhood of Phahonlyothin where the streets come alive in the evening (starting from around 6pm), with traditional food stalls, vendors and hawkers peddling their goods from fashion to household items, mobile accessories, electronics and much more.

Here’s some of the ‘must-try’ f&b in the neighbourhood!#Cesebomb !


Banana Chocolate Crepe – Yes, it’s just, Banana+Choc+Crepe and yet they get a partay starting in my mouth with every bite! Of course, there’s a long list of selections, but I am just sooo addicted to this simple yet perfect combination, I had to have one almost every other day that I was there!
Chicken Rice – When you’re overseas and you crave for chicken rice! This stall in an unassuming coffeeshop that is located right below the linkbridge to Union Mall, satisfied the craving with chunks of tender juicy chicken meat plus their version of thai chili sauce. Yum!

And no, the grapes were not from the supermarket. I decided to buy it from an elderly lady peddling fruits right below the linkbridge (on the side of Union mall) one day. She’s there most mornings and they are sold out if you get there any later!

Thailand is famous for the variety of tropical fruits on the cheap. Well, who’d expect even grapes from a roadside vendor to be this good! So fresh and crunchily sweet! Perfect pop of a snack for a hot afternoon..

Cesebon : Prices around central Bangkok and even the Pratumnan market has risen over the years. You will find the prices within the neighborhood of Phahonyothin relatively cheaper. I mean you can enjoy most of these snacks, fruits and drinks listed here for less than a dollar!

The other ‘thai essentials’ that I was addicted to (yes, I had these for the first three days consecutively;) I’m used to being asked the level of sweetness for Gongcha, they don’t customise that here so I’m really amazed that the level of sweetness was perfect for me each time. (price: less than S$1.50 with toppings)

The original, ‘original Thai milk tea’ !;) The perfect thirst quencher..

Tired of waiting in the long queue for that famous Som Tum in Siam Square? Well, I’m very happy with this homerun restaurant along the street of Phahonyothin. It is served when you order a plate of seafood fried rice. I have not tried the one at Siam Square but this is definitely mild in taste because I know I can handle a lot more spicyness. But hey, can’t complain when the fried rice is all soft, fluffy yet deliciously ‘on point’ and you get a plate full of vegetables and som tum for only S$6!! Plus, no queue.

You can find Fuji Restaurant in most of the food courts and shopping malls in central Bangkok. Again, I ave not tried those downtown but the Pork cutlet Tonkatsu set I ordered here already blew me away. The Pork cutlet was perfectly fried and very much comparable to Chef Tan-San’s Hajime Tonkatsu restaurant in Singapore. However, it was the sides that stole the limelight in this set. Much like how some supporting actors steal the limelight in a show! The potato salad, fresh greens, and even pickles combined, brings the palate to a whole new level of taste and texture such that just having the pork cutlet alone will surely not satisfy! Can’t help but compare to the miserly sides we get here most times! Highly recommended!

[Location: Tesco Building in Phahonyothin]


What I love about Greyhound Cafe in downtown Bangkok is the sheer variety of choices in their menu. And of course, the price;) Definitely must go back to try some others of their mains and desserts.


Other ‘MUST-TRY’ Snacks and Khanom (Thai Desserts)
If, like me, you have a weakness for anything savoury and chewy, those coconut pancakes in the first pix will get you hooked! I actually chanced upon them inside Palladium shopping mall one evening, just when lots of stall vendors were putting out their stalls in front of the mall. There was just a collection of stalls near the entrance, so not sure if the stall is permanently available in the mall. I just love the chewy texture of the glutinous dough with the crunch and aroma of the coconut fillings inside. Perfect even when you warm them up in the morning for breakfast!

Same goes for the traditional dessert with a mixture of glutinous riceballs in coconut broth. This was found at a food fest in Terminal 21. Served warm and there’s also salted egg rice balls which you can choose not to have, but I like it as it makes it all sweet and savoury at the same time. Pretty interesting dessert.

Btw, if you’re at Terminal 21’s Pier 21 food court, don’t miss the mango stickyrice dessert. It’s served with warm coconut juice and roasted sesame. Seriously, I don’t think I’ll ever have it any other way now!

These are of course just snippets of the good food in Bangkok. (read #cesebomb!)Do check out my instagram for more!

The neighbourhood of Phahonlyothin is an up and coming area and they are building a BTS Station there, so go before it gets ‘developed’ and expensive folks! If you have any questions/comments, other #fooddigs recommendations in #BKK, please feel free to send them thru the comments below, I’ll be happy to answer.

There’s definitely more to see and do in Bangkok during my two weeks there. So stay tuned!

Happy reading! And Cesebon!