Whenever I crave for western food, it is not so much the meat that I crave. I want equal parts meat and veggie. And that itself is hard to find.

I mean, I get it, it is ‘Western’ and meat is ‘main course’ with veggie as ‘sides’. If you want more veggies, order a, where does that leave those of us who just gravitate towards a more balanced diet and wish for a ‘balanced main course’? Or am I the only weirdo with this impractical craving for western food?

Well, there is hope yet as this picture shows up in my search in burpple. Almost without hesitation, I headed for 吃Western at 206 Coffeeshop, Lorong 1 Toa Payoh. At first glance, the skeptic in me thought for a moment that the review might be overrated looking at the unassuming humble stall. Well, they turn out to be a hidden gem! Thank you @imakansg for sharing this gem. Here’s the same pic I took, love the presentation of the smoked duck in the centre:


This is the real deal guys! The right combination of fresh greens and fruit toppings. So good it’s a meal on its own! Although I ‘d have loved a bit more of the ‘oriental sesame dressing’ for full flavour.

At $5,80, it is a steal. With fresh quality and the presentation, I too can imagine it costing double or even triple in other outlets or high end restaurant given some marketing and fancy names like ‘le’ duck de salade’?:)

Cesebon says: Cesebon! I am one happy, happy customer. Will be back to try their other interesting offerings.


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