Teatime @ Knots Living

IMG_5669So  after the bday celebration, I decided to give my friends a return treat @knots_cafe_and_living and make them exercise a bit, walking from Tai Seng to Paya Lebar Road. It is located near Breadtalk HQ.

To our pleasant surprise, what greeted us was indeed another hipster joint, but prettier! Everything that is displayed there looks instagram-ready and worthy. Its no wonder this was one of the filming sites for Mediacorp’s 118.

From the big lampshades and pendant lamps hanging from the upper storey to the vintage items, furnitures, plants and displays all round, everything seems so eclectic yet oddly harmonious. And we’re happy just to be surrounded and busk in the warm ambience all of this created. Once the orders were taken, everyone started picking the best spots and items for that essential wefie and selfies!;) It’s a perfect hang out place for friends, an afternoon delight or simply bring your favourite book, order yourself a cuppa and R&R!

The caramel macchiato was a hit with the buddies. But so was the osmanthus tea, with a tinge of osmanthus and the floral aroma that lingers in your throat as you sip!

Other Must-Try: The Greentea Lava cake – So good it was finished before I could take a pic.

Cesebon says: #cesebomb! Two thumbs up!


Shake Shake MilkTea

Firstly – you do not need a shaker for this, I use an old flask with a tight cap, pour 3/4 of the beverage and shake.


It turned out rather refreshing and using the entire packet would be too sweet, for me. You can always add the remaining to taste.
Price: $1.00
Available: 7-Eleven


Cesebonblog says:  I am addicted to Gong Cha’s Matcha Latte. Hence this is a good alternative. However, it’s not as rich and the green tea flavour kinda flats out if you leave the drink for a while, more milk than tea.. But hey, can’t complain at that price can you?

Well, hopefully, I won’t be needing an alternative soon! .Yes!;)


Almost, old world

As one of the oldest mature estate in Singapore, the neighbourhood centre at Lorong 1 Toa Payoh is anything but ‘old’ or ‘sleepy’ on a rainy Friday afternoon. Getting off from Braddell MRT, the row of shops opposite Singapore Press Holdings was teeming with activities and students getting back from school, especially since its the only ‘shop’ with an alfresco that stands out with its 24hr sign and awnings – yes, it felt strange yet almost gratifying that this MacDonald’s seem to blend in outstandingly, amongst the compact row of shops.

With the curiosity and even excitement, as a first-time visitor to the area, I soon found myself hopping in and out of these old-style shops. It’s rather amazing how the shop owners can pack so much stuff within such small spaces with low ceiling. Almost all of them from those selling daily necessities, fruits, to sundries and furniture had their goods displayed right out the shopfront; it’s hard not to stop and have a look see!

There’s even a Phoon Huat and Redman, for the bakers or baker-wannabes like me;) Time also seemed to have stood still for the 7-Eleven store from when they first set up branches around the island – with racks and boxes of unpacked goods lined along the nooks and corners of the shop wherever there is space. Unfortunately, it’s managed by staffs who are unnecessarily suspicious! As I went trigger happy for the blog, I noticed strange, suspecting glances from a staff right from when I entered. As I mull over a new drink on the shelf in a corner, an ‘unusually friendly’ cashier started greeting me aloud from the counter, offering that “if you need me to take anything down just let me know ya!” Next thing I know, she came telling me, poker-faced that “Mam, you cannot take pictures here”. “Why?”, “I’m just taking pictures of the packaging..”; “No, you cannot take pictures here.” she repeated. “Ok, fine.”

Then, “Please delete what you just took.”

“What?! You mean this?!”

Feeling like a criminal caught red-handed?!? I decided to pay and buy this home to try! Check out my review here.

Anyway, relac lah dei, it’s just drinks okay!!? And since when is it a crime to take pictures of drinks that are displayed on the shelves?! If that’s the case, maybe 7-eleven should just keep all its goods unpacked and safe in their nooks and store corners.

Despite the unfortunate incident at 7-Eleven, the place with its eclectic mix of tenants, has its own charm, though not the old-world-charm. I went to try out the 吃Western’s raved smoked duck salad, got some unexpectedly good deals from Phoon Huat, try out new food, drink and even got a $3.80 hair cut, all in one rainy Friday afternoon. Cesebon!

So which old neighbourhood is worth spending an afternoon next? Does anyone have any recommendations?

Cesebonblog says: old town HDB neighborhoods that are near MRT Stations, with interesting mix of shops or unique charm welcomed.

Meat with your greens

Whenever I crave for western food, it is not so much the meat that I crave. I want equal parts meat and veggie. And that itself is hard to find.

I mean, I get it, it is ‘Western’ and meat is ‘main course’ with veggie as ‘sides’. If you want more veggies, order a salad..so, where does that leave those of us who just gravitate towards a more balanced diet and wish for a ‘balanced main course’? Or am I the only weirdo with this impractical craving for western food?

Well, there is hope yet as this picture shows up in my search in burpple. Almost without hesitation, I headed for 吃Western at 206 Coffeeshop, Lorong 1 Toa Payoh. At first glance, the skeptic in me thought for a moment that the review might be overrated looking at the unassuming humble stall. Well, they turn out to be a hidden gem! Thank you @imakansg for sharing this gem. Here’s the same pic I took, love the presentation of the smoked duck in the centre:


This is the real deal guys! The right combination of fresh greens and fruit toppings. So good it’s a meal on its own! Although I ‘d have loved a bit more of the ‘oriental sesame dressing’ for full flavour.

At $5,80, it is a steal. With fresh quality and the presentation, I too can imagine it costing double or even triple in other outlets or high end restaurant given some marketing and fancy names like ‘le’ duck de salade’?:)

Cesebon says: Cesebon! This is da bomb!. Will be back to try their other interesting offerings.

Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore

In our pursuit for progress and development, it must be said that much has been achieved and developed. However, perhaps to a point where we also need to ask, at what costs and perhaps more importantly, what has been sacrificed and is it worth it? Happy 52nd birthday Singapore. Just like watching how a child blossoms to become a well-developed adult, at some point, I can’t help but miss the child that was. #tbt #thosewerethedays #nostalgia #lifeisgood #cesebonProcessed with Rookie CamPS : no prizes for guessing where this photo was taken;)