Hello! I’m Susanne, Gen X-er in the little Red Dot that is Singapore. Musing about much that is going on here, or nothing much all at the same time!?
Life’s little wanderer aka you can expect [Travel]
I love trying out recipes from youtube videos and tv programs aka you can expect [Food]
Love tripping about the little red dot and snapping away with my iphone and cams in my free time. Starting this blog because…there’s too many good pictures to share in my phone not to!
Ce(say) se (si) bon (french) because – life is good..We just need to count the blessings!
Warnings: as a true blue Singaporean, this blog will be in English, Chinese and Singlish
Bragging rights: Tiger Leap Gorge (yep, I did the 28 bends with the help of a life-saviour of a lil white pony)
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All photos taken with my iphone S6 unless otherwise stated.
Happy reading.

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